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The Billing Process

  • We assist the client in building a charge capture system. This can be done with paper superbills, hospital charge slips, client entry, or electronically (i.e. PDA / EDI).
  • MDS will review all Procedure codes and provide a fee analysis annually at no additional charge.
  • Service and demographic data can be sent to us electronically, by fax, FedEx or through our messenger service.
  • Once we receive services, we establish a batching system, and post services within 1 - 3 days of receipt.
  • Claims are sent through a claim scrubbing process that is consistent with the Correct Coding Initiative (CCI).
  • Claims are filed immediately electronically, there is no additional charge when hard copy claims are required.
  • We file secondary claims, and bill patient responsibility as needed. Each client has the option to customize their billing cycles, statement messages, and pre-collect letters.
  • We establish Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for payers to forward payments directly to the client’s account when applicable. Paper checks are posted and deposited into the Bank of our client's choice.
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  • We supply a bank deposit record weekly for reconciliation. Comprehensive Month End Reports are available online or hard copy, and are provided to the client the first week of each month.
  • We meet with our clients regularly to discuss financial trends as they relate to industry standards, improve upon policies and procedures, and educate our clients on current payer trends.

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